Monday, 29 December 2008

google SMASH


Accompanying the google book version of 'The Gulf War Did Not Take Place' were these adverts:

Military Men Wanted
Women Who Love Men In Uniform Are Looking For You.
Add Your Profile!

Texas Mom Hits It Big
Finds Lucrative Online Business And Is Getting Rich With Kids
From Home

The predictability disappoints me.


I remember hearing about the 'First' Gulf War on the car radio. I was three years old. I could not distinguish the word 'golf' and the word 'gulf'. It wasn't confusing, exactly. I had no idea about anything. I was only three. But imagine if the Gulf War had, in fact, been played out on golf courses.

How would this have affected its media presence?
Would it have brought in more advertising?
Could celebrities have been involved?
Which celebrities?

What would he have said.

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