Wednesday, 14 November 2007

You Don't See Very Many Dead Animals Lying Around, Part 6

Hey. Lotion smells the same because it doesn't have a brain. If lotion could like think then it would probly change its stink. Lotion is a metonym for all the stank bumf that coats the cultural mustard throbbing in it. As for Them who use It, lotion in their food won't actually do them in. All the mustard underneath it's getting wireless voltage data from an almost invisible but actually huge neutrino cash valve that hooks into a special prismatic light fixture used to generate pure UHT-8 schmear whenever Hadjis die in lots of 16 or more. We use these here our receipts to prove to us that we don't stink.

And then you burn toast to let the smoke out into the stairway to set off the general alarm and get your neighbors out of their flats. First impressions over crisps as you listen to the firetrucks. If you get another notice from the agency saying your neighbors have officially complained about the noise you make, they'll evict you from your flat. You've been cooking stuff like the possum you grabbed out the dumpster nuts first in deep oil in a wok and even though you cut the nuts off first that possum wailed till you put him in the stove with their nuts in his mouth. Good work Milou.

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