Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Is this a good thing, a good bad thing, a bad good thing, or just a shit? Is it a step? To the left-right/up-down/in-out? Where are we?

Dear everyone,

It has occured to me that, one humble year on from the inception both of my SSRI regime and it's corollary TEH FACPLANET INTRANATIONALS, we've grown, then shrunk, then grown again, then shrunk some, and now here we are with stretchmarks and a kind of tensely ambiguous omerta at high stink in the wind. I started Faceplant, you might recall, so that we could all *talk* to each other. Withstanding the obvious point that the thrust and parry of embedded youtube links has assumed a quasi-syntactical effect here at the 'plant - a bit like two sperm whales on barbiturates taking three months to enact a knock-knock joke - it saddens me, yes, saddens me that we all seem so reluctant to avail ourselves of teh most obvious thoxt transfer protocol, namely speeks. I *do* like having no managerial control (even on the level of suggestion) of the content of everyone's posts, I don't like the way someone says something then everyone else stares out of the window pretending Jonathan Ross has just been shot in the face or somesuch miracle.

I guess since I stopped paying everyone, I don't really have a right to hector you into having a good time but I feel like I'd be an even lousier boss than I already am if I didn't get out the wifflebat every now and then.

On the positive side, we've attracted one pedo (see the cbox latest) AND:


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A level of debate seldom seen on Faceplant

This is a snapshot of how our competitors are operating:

(7 hours ago) Reply | Spam
WPNisaGod, keep on defending the "reputation" of anonymous and "oldfags", lulz, and the "newfags" will continue to troll you and keep on making you butthurt.

WPNisaGOD (6 hours ago) Reply | Spam
I do not care if they troll me, as long as they stop being stupid fucks who use forced memes every day, and stop wearing Guy Fawkes masks. It's stupid, half of /b/ users don't even know FGSFDS.

sidcortes (4 hours ago) Reply | Spam
Umm, no. The forced memes and guy fawkes masks are part of the troll, get used to it, it's all part of the biggest troll.

WPNisaGOD (2 hours ago) Reply | Spam
1. No
2. No
3. No

Your a newfag, I bet you haven't even posted on /b/ yet, faggot.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


I mean,

★  │ 心想 │ 事成 │  ★
☆灌╭═╮  ╭═╮  ╭═╮灌☆
★水│人│  │好│  │幸│水★
☆ │氣│  │事│  │福│ ☆
★ │旺│  │多│  │滿│ ★
☆灌│旺│  │多│  │滿│灌☆
★水│㊣│  │㊣│  │㊣│水★
☆ ╰═╯天天╰═╯開心╰═╯ ☆
******◥██◤ ▏◥██◤ ******
******* ◥◤  ▏ ◥◤*******
☆☆  睬睬增人气咯   ☆☆

★★     ★★
    ☆☆   ☆☆
     ★★ ★★ 祝你快乐每一天
      ☆☆ ☆☆ 晚上好呀,来看看你

Get with it.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

De Pulchro et Bono

Sayers of the nonchalant subneutral theoria: compilation number 3: now.

Pullulate before now:

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Saturday, 1 November 2008


i was like this at 13 pretty much i was JUST qettinq into partyinq and druqs and falinq school im 16 now and im the same pretty much ppl say that this life is so qreat its not the "fun" dont even stay 4 lonq you dnt relize what you done till its like to late i mean i wasnt as bad as them doinq coke an shit i only did weed and pills and drink but most my friends did that your life is like a lie the hole time ALWAYS indenial yeah is not a life to live

Gristlemania '87

I know that officially we don't 'do' puerile viral comedy copypasta in these parts, but I just c-can't help myself. Perhaps this contains some motivational tips for Faceplant personnel: