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The Real Hard Snapping Dawn


A cheaper solution uses an iPhone and iPod Touch (which looks like the iPhone, but is just an iPod with a big screen and wi-fi capability). BulletFlight software is available at the iPhone software store, and it performs the calculations needed to account for atmospheric conditions (wind, temperature, humidity, altitude and barometric pressure) for long range shooting. The output tells you how many clicks to adjust your scope to make the shot more accurately. Before use, you input basic data like rifle type and bullet weight.

Now a highly experienced sniper can do this in his head. There are similar dedicated devices that cost about $7,000. But BulletFlight is affordable, does the job and appeals to inexperienced snipers, hunters, recreational shooters and those who are just curious. The software costs $12. If you want to actually use it, you need to buy a protective case ($50) for the iPod, and a device ($25) that attaches it to the rail found on most sniper rifles and high end hunting rifles. So for shooting purposes, the entire kit costs you about $90. An iPod Touch (8 gigabyte version) sells for under $200.

There is some concern that the light from the iPod Touch screen might give away the snipers position at night. But you can set the light level on the Touch, so it probably won't be a problem. Besides, you are using BulletFlight (or the competing iSnipe) for long range shots (300 meters or more), so the light from the display won't be a major risk.

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And to think, I used to babysit this dude. Ressspec.

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Praxis Bogarter

reading from the latest output of our very own Jow Lindsay, from past simple

and YES i still want your dither-frakking POSTAL ADDRESSES for the mutual achievements to come. Send hastily.


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pic your favorite and comment
this is no longer my band logo its a sample of my work but still comment my band name now is exiled soul but if u want to add us our band name is kranial biopsy myspace.com/puregrindcore

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NUDIST HERMENEUTICS XI: "Even my corpse is more beautiful than you."




google SMASH


Accompanying the google book version of 'The Gulf War Did Not Take Place' were these adverts:

Military Men Wanted
Women Who Love Men In Uniform Are Looking For You.
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The predictability disappoints me.


I remember hearing about the 'First' Gulf War on the car radio. I was three years old. I could not distinguish the word 'golf' and the word 'gulf'. It wasn't confusing, exactly. I had no idea about anything. I was only three. But imagine if the Gulf War had, in fact, been played out on golf courses.

How would this have affected its media presence?
Would it have brought in more advertising?
Could celebrities have been involved?
Which celebrities?

What would he have said.

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Not sure quite what might be *made* of this, in the final analysis. Obviously it's simultaneously ok and kind of shit. Obviously its substance as both aesthetic and political statement is radically undermined by crass symbolism (see "hitting the fence with politically symbolic objects") as the limited means of cross-wiring the aesthetic with the political. Obviously again, given that the guy is actually *selling* the finished sonic product on his website, the thing to do would be to write to him in the guise of one of the migrant workers whose rights he imagines himself to be championing and ask whether he would accept payment in weekly installments. Anyone know any spanish?

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'Cute' Kid in Incoherent Political Skit

More posterstyrene for the December bonfire.

Look at his/her/its adorable Culkin-like features deliver the lines:

Meeting the demands of kjlhk and Sir Ian Blair half-way.

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Sensational Simian Savagery

More photo frolics, courtesy of The Guardian website. A trio of performing monkeys round on their abusive owner in a market in Sizhou, China:

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HAIKYO is, from what I gather, not only another name for the 'Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society' (SWORN ENEMIES OF FACEPLANT FROM THIS DAY FORWARD), but a popular genre of photography which focuses on abandoned areas and buildings. WOAH.

This is a good set of a deserted island near Nagasaki:

This guy is an enthusiast, though occasionally his friends POSE in an ABANDONED AREA like IDIOTS:


Examples from Russia: http://ctulhuftagn.livejournal.com/

Think of Chernobyl. Someone needs to go to Iraq & Afghanistan and take photos like these and start a LiveJournal group about it. Or why not buy stock footage of a ruined building still standing in war-torn baghdad? Here - http://www.thoughtequity.com/video/clip/232010_0096.do - for merely £169.

This is a photo that I took in Okinawa (see, EVERYONE CAN DO IT?):

& HERE, SAN ZHI, an abandoned futuristic city/housing development in Taiwan, which is the best example. Apparently you can see it on google earth w/ these co-ordinates - 25° 15' 39.14" N 121° 28' 39.28" E - but since google earth fucks my computer's shit up, there's no way I can check that. SOMEONE ELSE DO IT FOR ME. Anyway, type SAN ZHI into google images :

One day everything will look like this.

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"His limits are liberty, and expansion"

adevezar (1 week ago)
When people know that they find your way, critics and other reptils wnt to come to board.Tavener find his way, long time ago.But only now reptiles know that.Critics of Tavener are ste only about the uncleaning glass, not about the wine.

moipomponstar (2 weeks ago)
That version is not so good. To much vibrato !

alextilson (2 weeks ago)
Last year my grandmother died, and we had the Quier sing song for athene in Durham Cathedral and it was moving and very personal to listed to

adevezar (1 month ago)
John Tavener is a genious.Just that. His work is so beutifull that is behond religion.His limits are liberty, and expansion.Modernity have not those limits, that whay music is so closed.Tavener is an eye from the music and a hear for crating that sublime piece of silence called music.

VlilV (1 week ago)
that woz vry poetic, well done ;)

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Is this a good thing, a good bad thing, a bad good thing, or just a shit? Is it a step? To the left-right/up-down/in-out? Where are we?

Dear everyone,

It has occured to me that, one humble year on from the inception both of my SSRI regime and it's corollary TEH FACPLANET INTRANATIONALS, we've grown, then shrunk, then grown again, then shrunk some, and now here we are with stretchmarks and a kind of tensely ambiguous omerta at high stink in the wind. I started Faceplant, you might recall, so that we could all *talk* to each other. Withstanding the obvious point that the thrust and parry of embedded youtube links has assumed a quasi-syntactical effect here at the 'plant - a bit like two sperm whales on barbiturates taking three months to enact a knock-knock joke - it saddens me, yes, saddens me that we all seem so reluctant to avail ourselves of teh most obvious thoxt transfer protocol, namely speeks. I *do* like having no managerial control (even on the level of suggestion) of the content of everyone's posts, I don't like the way someone says something then everyone else stares out of the window pretending Jonathan Ross has just been shot in the face or somesuch miracle.

I guess since I stopped paying everyone, I don't really have a right to hector you into having a good time but I feel like I'd be an even lousier boss than I already am if I didn't get out the wifflebat every now and then.

On the positive side, we've attracted one pedo (see the cbox latest) AND: