Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I suggest that, as me, NEFERTITFUCK, DOPE ON TEH TABLA, possibly BONNEY and KRUK, and WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE will be there, and as ISO-CHOKE-ILL NICEFACE will be "performing", will be "textual", will be the literal embodiment of a cybernet-onanism too medium-rare to simply avoid in favour of sitting in front of Hollyoaks rehearsing the same old argument about the residual worth of Trotsky which, let's face it, you'll probably never perform successfully enough to elicit anything better than the sound of a gored ox from your father, you come to THIS, i.e., THAT, above.

If ever the admixture of five or six volatile agents rubbing against a hackey sack were to spontaneously regroup, seize the dojo and acquire TEH CONSCIOUSNESS TAHT IS CALLED DIALECTICAL, it might be at this. OR this might happen:

Either way, my mobile # is 07799471737. Gimme a shout.


If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

Hmmm... attending this reading will mean missing an ultra-rare screening of Chris Marker's 'Le fond de l'air est rouge' (1977), an epic four hour documentary on the fortunes of the New Left.

However, you are right that it would be churlish not to come, since the conjuncture seems too fortuitous. Interfacing with some actual human beings will be a novel change from spending another night in a darkened room full of dysfunctional, zombified single men. I'll give you a 'buzz' tomorrow.

President Nef. Sock said...

i'm not attending this reading because i have TOO MUCH WORK waaaaaaaaaaaah-boooooooooooom

President Nef. Sock said...

oh and also because charles bernstein is such a FUZZ MUNCHER

President Nef. Sock said...

oh and also because Katko's reading presence is to be ELECTRONIC that is to say NOT FINITE


Nef: If you're speaking of Thetics, then No, my contribution was not Finite. But if you're clicking on this link and watching it till the end, well, it doesn't last 10 minutes tho for our purposes (ie maintaining aforeposited conceptual affinities) then I hereby determine something like 9:50 as a representation of the Infinite Threshold. I mean, this is what I sent for Openned (now that it's over): BOOM. (30MB)