Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More Dope-ivational Speaking

A discourse on revolution from this fellow, rumo(u)red to have posted under the Scott alias on at least one occasion:

2:54 - "I guess maybe there's some people that are on the Death Star firing at us, but those seem like faceless masses."

(Resolution: The next time I resort to embedding YouTube clips, I swear I will at least be the author of their content, thereby approaching the industrious discipline of Pico and Ricecake.)


PICO said...

O:49-0:55 - sub-Hegel
1:32 - what's that he's dabbing?
1:38 - pause - dab - pause.
1:48 - whatever it is, it's making him happy. let's have another dab.
2:00 - observe the unmistakable gurn after "stopped".
2:00 onward - definite gurning.
2:44 - "trajectory". good word. let's try to make it mean something.
2:44-3:00 - an analogy for trajectory maybe. star wars. no, not working. pedantry. anger. chastise self. apologise. love world w/out qualification.
3:50 - trajectory! that good word, let's try again. star wars didn't work. maybe if we repeat the word a few times something will click.
4:04 - no. abort.
4:30 - sub-sub-Hegel

╭﹑ .╮
〈 -¤- 〉
╰° `╯ █〓██▄▄▄▄▄▄ ● ●●

If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

Ah - a scholarly commentary. Sub-sub? Is that like the negation of the negation, or just an ASCII tank in your pocket?

P.S. Here is a more fitting incarnation of Mr. Crossland: