Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A level of debate seldom seen on Faceplant

This is a snapshot of how our competitors are operating:

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WPNisaGod, keep on defending the "reputation" of anonymous and "oldfags", lulz, and the "newfags" will continue to troll you and keep on making you butthurt.

WPNisaGOD (6 hours ago) Reply | Spam
I do not care if they troll me, as long as they stop being stupid fucks who use forced memes every day, and stop wearing Guy Fawkes masks. It's stupid, half of /b/ users don't even know FGSFDS.

sidcortes (4 hours ago) Reply | Spam
Umm, no. The forced memes and guy fawkes masks are part of the troll, get used to it, it's all part of the biggest troll.

WPNisaGOD (2 hours ago) Reply | Spam
1. No
2. No
3. No

Your a newfag, I bet you haven't even posted on /b/ yet, faggot.


PICO said...

Anonymous are a bunch of fucking arts and crafts amateur jockweeds who don't know fuck. They cld at least come up with their own insignia, but no, they steal from the politically castrated hollywood adaptation of V for Vendetta, not only the Fawkes mask but the whole jargon monster - bow to stern - of a glossy edifice of cod nihilism aimed to roottap surplus value from the collective vegetable hardon of America's white male 13-18 yrs bracket. And they are too stupid to see this.

I think it might be worth starting a little *actual* beef with them. Ape: a little mission - go fact finding. How can we hurt them?

WPNisaGOD said...

Really? I haven't? Not recently I haven't, newfags completely destroyed /b/ and everything it stands for. You should l2take trolls less srsly kthx.

Though the internet is srs business to you,

It makes sense.

I'm glad I decided to google my name,

For great justice!

WPNisaGOD said...

Also NICE job doing it on blogger, faggot. If you REALLY wanted to "Abuse me" or make me seem like a fool in anyway, you should of done it on YouTube so it wasn't hidden from me.

You're pathetic.