Sunday, 7 December 2008

"His limits are liberty, and expansion"

adevezar (1 week ago)
When people know that they find your way, critics and other reptils wnt to come to board.Tavener find his way, long time ago.But only now reptiles know that.Critics of Tavener are ste only about the uncleaning glass, not about the wine.

moipomponstar (2 weeks ago)
That version is not so good. To much vibrato !

alextilson (2 weeks ago)
Last year my grandmother died, and we had the Quier sing song for athene in Durham Cathedral and it was moving and very personal to listed to

adevezar (1 month ago)
John Tavener is a genious.Just that. His work is so beutifull that is behond religion.His limits are liberty, and expansion.Modernity have not those limits, that whay music is so closed.Tavener is an eye from the music and a hear for crating that sublime piece of silence called music.

VlilV (1 week ago)
that woz vry poetic, well done ;)


dope on the table said...

Yes, I know this post apes the apeman somewhat, but what the fuck was I supposed to do, not post it?

PICO said...

No, don't worry dope. THis is fine. Since apeman himself is in absentia these days, you or anyone else here is welcome to steal his flow. Which in any case is hardly a cardinal offense as the flow in question amounts to a kind of taste for found text. We need anything we can get at the moment. This is fine. December is looking uncomfortably similar to November, which itself bore an awkward resemblence to September. It's with heroic efforts of this kind that perhaps we might hope to make a December that looks a little bit like October, sharing its glorious aspiration towards February.

If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

I am not in absentia, just in...ert. Go ahead Dope - YouTube comment regurgitation is not a patented skateboarding move.

It is true that this place is starting to feel a bit like a Detroit car company on the brink of bankruptcy, in which a few unoccupied employees divert themselves with an occasional string of 'alienating in-jokes'.

The original dialectical premise of F-Plant, that a purpose or goal would emerge from the sequence of postings (was that the idea?), seems to have foundered.

PICO said...

Ape, yr just bitter cause I haven't directed an alienating in-joke at you. Yet. Yr in danger of turning into this guy:

I did not start Faceplant to set in motion some kind of dialectical magic trick. No. I did it to test you all.