Friday, 27 June 2008

Taxonomical Disputes within the Academy

RavenMaster27 (1 year ago) Reply | Spam
Grindcore actually comes from Crustcore, and its not a Sub-Genre from Deathmetal. But who cares, if someone likes the music, he does not care where the music style comes from

nzddkq777 (1 year ago) Reply | Spam
Actually friend, grindcore does not come from crustcore. It is related, but Grindcore did not birth out of Crustcore. The relationship is more like a cousin or subgenre you boneheaded maggot infested shitfuck. :)

Mahmood42978 (1 year ago) Reply | Spam
you're right it's not a sub-genre of death metal but grindcore and death metal have paralell developments and have influenced each other ...I wouldnt say it comes from Crustcore , Crustcore is a sister of grindcore though especially lyrically and obviously groups like Disrupt played a role in grindcore's development But I'd say it's roots are more just hardcore bands like Infest.

mrbiscuits415 (11 months ago) Reply | Spam
How many fucking "core" subgenres are there i mean its like people are just adding the word core to genres.

Bodanny (11 months ago) Reply | Spam
two step jungle-core? swing-core? big band-core? im inventing them as we speak. i charge €10 per genre if u wanna file ur band under it. any takers?

if_arch-snob_apeman (outside of time) Reply | Spam
Do not try to trivialise this matter, 'Bodanny'. Carry on, gentlemen.



Yeah! Har! Kick that Spazz out the Plaza! Erase his Facial Presentations! Time is the Fundament! Let's Give Up our Attention!

Anonymous said...

stay in school stay off the drugs.

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