Thursday, 27 December 2007

Haribo Verts, Jacques Rancière

Imagine if every seeing that you did was done already, behind your mode of vision in the cibachrome separating your vision from the components attached to it, like your hair, teeth, salary, kitchen, propensity to ignore post. In the next room, spiders unravel their feelings to you. Not everything is not political, but not everything is political. This does not stop everything that is political also being aesthetic, via the mechanisms by which images are assimilated and differentiated from other images. So wait, let me get this straight. No actually, let's just leave it.

Your mode of employment is implicated in your ability to read data.

Politics is as if the entire universe were a rotating
filmstrip box of a horse leaping and the politics
was the light projecting the shadows through the slats.

Ok. Politics is already there, before the hand,
is an eye within it already placed inside

as if sight was like hundreds of
people trapped under cibachrome
layers within a human hand.

Mezzanine lambchop. Adorno pointed out that the written note is the enemy of memory. Now that he's pointed it out, I can't remember a damn thing. What if we've not -actually- been writing about international relations at all. What if we've -actually- been writing about the ethical shadow of economics - what then! This means that everything has been misinterpreted. They are still doing business in Pakistan, aren't they? Uh, no.

This just in: Afghan President says "Terrorism is scaring off investment in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and business communities in both countries must press their governments to eliminate it."

This has been a lyrical pilot episode of international relations.

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