Monday, 3 December 2007

WORLD-SPORT: Act 2, Scene 2

[HADDOCK leans off a balcony at Marlinspike holding an urn which contains TINTIN's ashes.]

HADDOCK: Although it's good to get people in discussion, it's a lot more difficult if the formal requirements of those discussion are taxing and/or tedious; that perhaps instead of trying to write on the convex veil of quasi-techno-Beckett through HOT WHITE (tho closer to Dada) or theoretical gaming, some actual conversation might take place where one establishes an actual thread of critical discourse...this is just my's not to say I don't or didn't at times find the WORLD SPORT quite funny....

____: Set your own formal requirements. Start your own thread. We can be as concave as anyone wants to be. What I'm doing is just what I'm doing, I really don't expect anyone else to do the same. NEway, I've got to be assessed by a therapist tomorrow morning so I should get some sleep. Lata.

HADDOCK: Nighty night, sleep well. And remember, you can't spell 'therapist' without spelling 'the rapist' [spells 'the rapist' across the balcony with TINTIN's ashes.] Go on Milou, grub's up.

[Bleach out to total white.]


R.D said...


Alphonse Panko said...

What? Have I misrepresented you?

I thought you said something worth saying, certainly more worthy of being said in public than BEHIND EVERYONE'S BACK.

It's called WORLD-SPORT for a reason, you know.

R.D said...

whatevs. publication without consent IS misrepresentation. but i'm only a fish. what are you like a terrorist? you've been taken down a few rungs in MY trust ladder.

If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

R.D. (no idea of your real ident.), having one's thoughts regurgitated in the mouth of a fictional character is not quite the same as 'publication without consent'. I have inadvertently been dealt the alias of 'Milou' in the same way, but have played along with it thus far.

However, I agree that this quasi-drama format seems to be turning into a rather arch dialogue-at-one-remove between Alphonse and myself. There ought to be more interventions. But a blog format does not encourage the same informal spontaneity of, e.g., a message board.

R.D said...

I was being a bit facetious, and am maybe a little miffed. I hadn't a clue who was who. I agree, and it seems that maybe we could just email our comments to Panko and he could thereby direct our dialogue, officially.

Alphonse Panko said...

I'm sorry fellas, I really hope this isn't genuinely getting anyone riled. Ryan - what's a little terrorism between six or seven friends?

I'm obviously not really accounting for the fact that not all of you know each other (tho there are connections justin-ryan justin-nour-jow jeff-justin fabian-jeff etc - shit, WORLD-SPORT would be much more confusing with your real names), and I have an admin consciousness of the whole process. Short of throwing you all some kind of ski holiday team building in Dubai I don't mind sticking a who's who up somewhere.

Fabian - If I knew how to make a message board work, I'd have one. I agree that the dialogue between you and I is staling a little but that's because the only text you ever supply is in the question-for-the-chair mode. These are invariably questions that do interest me, hence their incorporation into Milou. But they would make equally as good serious posts and I'm happy to resume via that route.

I mean, of course, to do a great many things.


If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

I concede that my largely rhetorical questionings have done little to advance discussion (although I've been enjoying World-Sport), but there seems to be a bit of a vacuum so far, with several of the members yet to post anything, perhaps because they remain uncertain of the cause in which they have been enlisted.

Maybe you should be more autocratic - send out a few orders / commandments / commissions / missions to stimulate activity. (The FACEPLANT post you just put seems to be trying this, although I'm not sure what sort of 'field reports' you have in mind.)