Wednesday, 5 December 2007

i'm not afraid of commitment, it's just that you're not good enough.

"I'm not afraid of commitment, it's just that you're not good enough." A rousing clamour for those of you who can't seem to escape the psychological repetition of dating people in exchange for sex when there's absolutely no way it's going any further than a couple of weeks of passion for the very obvious reason that you're not in love with them. Given the law of inevitability, this is probably not their fault, but you may be inclined to hate them anyway.


You may wonder why you always chase guys who aren't interested. I'll tell you why - it's because you don't WANT them to be interested. You would rather pursue a loser, an unfulfillable dream, because it will prolong the occurrence of the inevitable car-crash stemming from the simple fact that you and this dude are simply not meant to be together. Plus it will prevent you having to put yourself through the routine co-ordinates of boring sex between half-interested humans.

In a similar vein, you girls that dislike the guys who actually exhibit some kind of desire and earnestness in their affections towards you are acting on a similar impulse - if he was the one for you, you would be extremely pleased that he wanted to see you on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday, and would be crying with joy about the fact that he bought you those shoes. The fact that you let yourself be sucked into situations where you're stringing some poor bastard along, hating him all the while, is merely an expression of the fact that you can't be bothered to sleep with someone who doesn't flip your cosmic switch to ON.


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