Thursday, 24 January 2008


The tiniest nugget of negation in your wallet is the swerve lustre in the dream, the silence of non-induction, wishing for a metaphysics of non-importation, but we all can't do purple monsters and fukwit Hollywood Babylon for that is discretely not ours. Bully co-op at once star and adhesive, domicile underwritten blood: such treasure.


Waste low funnies, the riots bless your tongues.

This schemata⎯will it blaze⎯and continue on
in lucite fists, in hell, in pituitary perfidy
jumping-classes and crumbs of tissue all gank
as citrus lined in gel on the center Ram.

If shows⎯macrovid to pluralism, is it over⎯
still the cure sieved through a cream bungalow
outside skimming behind the parasol, tiny juice⎯
‘low prices take me everywhere’⎯loss of therm.

Tactics emerging, honey out of the paste
lodged phenolic krush⎯best, there⎯
some crystal squeeze ousted spunk cavaliers
the I wish umbra drops, the stage never missed.

Keep going alliance⎯lipped⎯dare coming
that softens divers measure in clearwater outward⎯
‘stop capitalizing’⎯tersely he flambayed the man
good news control wait spontaneously into denial.

And dearth skids, the decorated silver⎯wild union⎯
frontier shots to here’s to rote⎯let up anticipation⎯star
fill here’s muerte nacional dream on function
services to exchange mobility for interaction.

Nasty crimping on the stage theory, brazen
your tiff actually wont permits, still paid features
it is your toes steady your own benign tyrant crunk
built⎯diesel timeline⎯facer so much ice clamps.

Reply for reversal bocca chiusa grip on
the top lore in the Big Room, relinquish absence turns
to account by rec GC, phases of industrial magic⎯
‘hop in and reach for the Stars’⎯fuck, wait. Balance.

Patronizing impudence you are selfsame signals
convenient, your easy store clutters on the brute
will of distant annexation, hap into imploding chops
never pounding the fox break, less weaning off instability.

Requirement to make this easy on every number of every squeal.

CULT OF AITCH: CARBON [Ed: fresh and inopportune; inprog like King Crimson, NOT Yes]

I want⎯tell cruiser⎯if it blitz raised on the pipe stem
one wash tell tale of the spayed voyeur I won’t cry
on silly man’s left nub sharp as is efficient height
of com sequels you will not know the binding age
to age hum to squash mm diarists I want you want
until whenever slips into continuity and clear horizons
purge the inward⎯kite on your terms⎯under code and

Tellingly saw and thrice skirted rind the edge of
absorption your fresh 5 want coordinator all garantía
de productos and in tough thistle favor passing themes⎯
erector crystal⎯spurns the water as concern for cheer
bottom labor, the rule of the visual. Let letting go go once
help pre-spent not that nostalgic framing tots near the gore
space⎯notes of challenge⎯you taunt latest performance
realcorder in great object of your say name, shapes by the
bunny revolver or leonine AK, crass yet divisive: full service.

The peculium ratified in sugar locket⎯assistant orders⎯
sways over the shots of osmotic urgency, claimed
by the chief in bullet sheaths, futile appendages on
the last wack of a grant governed by treasury
accept that you desire invisible bills knowing after
prescient agency files return to lungs at twitch depot
abuzz with plans for new continental associations no
gunk in this encrypted transfer by way, plus. [...and so on...]




Now replace "and so on" with the rest of your poem, miniotta.


no can do riser. is incomp but soon. stages will be won. points will be redoubled.