Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Nocturnal proclivities of the radical. Why is there no place in Rose's thesis for night? Because, presumably, most people sleep at night. 04:26. What then - still going 'tomorrow', trundle through physical struggle 1 - check shit, 2 - masturbate, 3 - citalopram, 4 - coffee, 5 - cigarette. If I reverse the process, will the body conduce the mind to work better?

There are only so many conditions as there are names for them. Saussure's children's biggest mistake was taking his idiotic tree diagram as the cardinal *functioning* example of his theory. Things creating, creating clutter, the material world is banal in its referentiability, flagging up as always the same joke. It is situations and the recognition software for situations which provides a model of material inadequacy in the handling of sign systems. I can only throw language at you, at your face, I don't know how to pick anything else up.

Some several hundred people whose faces we are all vaguely familiar with, whom we all variously loathe, are indifferent to, allow ourselves to think about fucking, etc. they look inward at each other and make language. People who watch these people are susceptible to the idea of there being things that are true, and if these people whose faces seem to appear when I do not wish to think can lie, they can most certainly tell the truth, at least it is possible for them to do so. It is broken, I break it. You go somewhere else. But you live in a house and change faces and height. Your genitals change and you acquire new anxieties about them. You constantly reflect me despite constantly changing yourself.

Some fucking idiot can understand the rules without being able to spot himself playing by them so ineptly. I who cannot condone the game resent being expected to know the rules. But you who play against them, do you not see you are still playing, and losing, moreover? Maybe you are traumatized by life. I'll forget.

Yes, you really can do anything, you merely do not wish to. You pretend to wish to in order to convince yourself that you cannot do it, which is why you do not do it. Big simplex.


President Nef. Sock said...
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President Nef. Sock said...

it was once put to me that i was not afraid of failure, which is the standard pop-psychology soundbite when faced with the array of wishes that consciousness pretends to be unable to grasp, but rather, success.