Tuesday, 7 October 2008


On Friday night Veronica and Robin sat in Veronica’s luxurious mansion. Veronica was wearing her new pink camisole and a white skirt that went just below the knee. She was touching up the make up on her big gray-blue-hazel eyes and her hair was done up casually. Robin was wearing a tight black dress and had on white eye shadow that looked, Veronica thought, great on her dark skin. Robin Hewison was bi-racial. Her mom was back and her dad was white. She had just put blonde highlights in her curly black hair.

Veronica stopped applying her make up to watch Robin. She was singing to the Hole song “Malibu” off the Celebrity Skin CD they had stolen that day. Robin had an amazing voice. She planned to move to LA after high school to pursue a singing career. Veronica would go with her to model. Veronica and Robin had been best friends since kindergarten and were the leaders of the Matchbox Crew. As Veronica turned back to the mirror to put on her mascara, the doorbell rang. All at once Rachel, Delainey, Samantha and Dorris plowed in dragging Lindsay with them.

Dorris smiled and all at once started gushing about the olive colored shirt that her new fling Brad had given her. Veronica had to smile and laugh a bit at seeing the girl who was usually so serious and sophisticated jumping up and down, eyes wide with excitement. Samantha was telling jokes to Lindsay to try to open her up. Samantha was from Korea and she had a great sense of humor. She was wearing a red slip dress with matching platform shoes. Delainey, who was quiet and very thoughtful, was near the closet talking with Rachel, who was loud and totally boy-crazy. Veronica tilted her head so she could hear what they were talking about. Oh, of course, they were discussing Bruce Bradbury and his new haircut. The two had been majorly crushing on Bruce since 7th grade. Veronica laughed as they sighed and stuck out their tongues, making panting sounds.

Veronica glanced at the clock. It was 8:00. Shit! If they didn’t leave now they would be late for the party that Jessie Friedman, who was in 10th grade, was giving.

“Guys, come on!” Veronica yelled.

In two minutes flat the girls were out of the house and on their way to Blake St. where Jimmy would pick them up in his old Chevy.
Veronica’s parents were out of town and everyone else’s parents thought they were sleeping over at her house. Veronica glanced down the street and saw the blue car rushing towards them. Veronica waved her arms and smiled. God, Jimmy was so cute! He was in 11th grade and was Veronica’s new boyfriend. Veronica and the rest of the Matchbox Crew were only in 8th grade but everyone said they were the coolest middle schoolers in the tri-state area.

When the girls got to the party they all sort of split up except for Veronica who stayed with Lindsay to help get her comfortable. There was a 311 song blasting over the speakers. Veronica closed her eyes and started grooving to the music. Lindsay was nervously biting her nails. She was wearing a maroon dress with daisies all over it – a little childish but somehow she could pull it off. Veronica was really getting into the song when she felt a hand on her ass.

“Ooh baby, you know I like it when you do that!” It was Jimmy.

“Oh shut UP, Jimmy!” Veronica said, laughing. “Hey, did you meet Lindsay? She’s new. Isn’t she a total Drew?”

Jimmy smiled at Lindsay, flashing his dimples. “Hi, do you got a boyfriend yet?”

Lindsay started, clearly a bit taken aback by the abruptness of his question. “Uh… no… not yet…” she answered, forcing a smile.

“Cool, well I think I know someone you would be into.” Jimmy pulled Lindsay over to a group of boys that the Matchbox Crew regularly associated with.

Veronica looked around the room. There must be one… no, TWO hundred people there, all dancing or talking or eating or making out. Veronica spotted Rachel flirting with Bruce in the corner. Dorris and Delainey were going upstairs with three guys. Veronica made a face. How was *that* going to work? Or maybe she didn’t want to know. Samantha was on the floor making out with some guy Veronica had never seen before and Robin was dancing with her boyfriend Tommy. Veronica smiled. They hadn’t even been there ten minutes and already everyone was set. Veronica pulled out a cigarette and sat down between a guy snorting heroin and a guy puking up green stuff.

Bored, she decided to find Jimmy. It took a few minutes before she finally spotted him in the crowd and called him over.

“Wazzup?!” Jimmy asked enthusiastically.

“What’s going on with Linds, have you seen her?” Veronica asked, concerned. She was a bit worried that Lindsay wouldn’t be able to party. She had told the girls earlier that she was a virgin and had never done alcohol, drugs, or had a boyfriend. In fact, Lindsay had never even been to a real party.

Greg looked puzzled by Veronica’s tone. “Oh, Lindsay? God, last I saw her she was shooting up in the bathroom and that guy Greg was groping her, but who knows what they’re doing by now.”

Veronica. was. stunned.


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