Thursday, 9 October 2008


I just spent ages trying to upload a .gif animation I made of a rotating PCP molecule interspersed with the image of George Trakl vandalised with lime green wingdings, but FUCKING BLOGGER kept converting it into a distinctly NON-animating .jpeg which is all but fecking useless to me.


It is difficult to be a white 23 year old living with his parents these days.

I tried uploading the .gif to Imageshack but they were complete JERKS about it. I finally got it working, thanks to another image hosting service, but only then did I get to the realisation that the whole enterprise sucked anyhow, so I deleted it and wrote this instead.

Friends: I am tired of ironic WTFing. I would really like to contribute to an internet worth saving but I can't even imagine what one would look like. Would anybody be interested in launching, right here, a Faceplant Symposium upon matters such as these?

Friends, show us your internets; I want to touch yours.

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PICO said...

Just wait til you're a 24 year old white living with his parents, as I am. It gets exponentially worse each year.

A symposium on what? The possibility of a save-worthy internet, or of saving it, or what?

Blogger's allergic to animated gifs, as I have learnt. My way of getting round it is to video capture the animated gif, upload the video onto youtube and etc. Maybe you can't be bothered, anyway the relevant freeware is readily googlable if you are.

I want to see this gif.