Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Review Notes: Jonty Tiplady, "Zam Bonk Dip" (Barque, 2007)

It happens that the door swings by the lamp's hook barely.

Weep to see the white girl in the rubber mask. The black girl in socks. The white girl in socks. The black girl in the rubber mask. The zipped sock. The unzipped sock. The rubber mask.

There are four socks.


The early prince licked her all over.
Sailor Milan had fits or something like this
and said I cannot even tie a bow.
He could not pick up a two penny piece either.
The other two came back in the second film
and the key for the suitcase in the tarmac
drew new water out.
[Tiplady, "4"]

Meat, greens, talc, unzip. Sweat through the joypad: declining to dinosaur, tractor, train. Blue duplo stuck to his thigh when he stands to go. Biplane.

NOW COMPARE: Anon. "Tom O'Bedlam", from "Ancient Songs" (1790)

Whimpered affirmations of the desk and bird. Extrusions slendering and dainty through the preventative come cropped, basted, Jeepsie.

Wildered in the pungency of an alp, sleeping with a gallant boy, the weeping door indicates no exit. Some minstrelsy in his bald chin who cried to see our shaving, residually. Unmasked, no socks.

Gameplay: 90% Graphics: 85% Sounds: 95% Addictiveness: 94%


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