Saturday, 4 October 2008


Lindsay was crying. She was curled up on the ground with her hands over her face. Coach Thomson was yelling at her. Veronica and the other teammates were standing back, not knowing what to do. They knew that they should not be there. They knew they should not be sharing this moment with Lindsay. Veronica knew this was all her fault.

When Lindsay arrived at SouthRidge Middle School in the fall, she had been a good girl. She was sweet and innocent when she moved to the New York City suburb from her quiet little town in Iowa. Veronica had watched her stand in the corner by herself, watching the other children socialize for weeks. Finally, in early October, Veronica convinced the rest of her clique, the Matchbox Crew (they had gotten their name from the smoking habit they all shared), to let Lindsay in as a trial member. The Matchbox Crew, or M.C. as they referred to themselves, included Veronica, Rachel, Delainey, Robin, Samantha, and Dorris.

The M.C. was probably not a good crowd to fall into, but Lindsay did. The Matchbox Crew were not popular, they were above popular. No one dared criticize them or hassle them, they were bad. The M.C. had a rep for being easy, willing to drink, smoke, get buzzed, you name it. They stole and hung out with the Blitz crew, which was a bad high school crew. Any name Lindsay had made for herself was now gone. She was strictly a member of the M.C.

Lindsay and the rest of the M.C. had good names with teachers, of course. They paid the nerds to do their homework and make them crib sheets for tests. They participated in several extracurricular activities including track, softball, yearbook, and more. Lindsay didn’t know the Matchbox Crew was bad news, she was just excited that she had been invited for a party and sleepover.

stay tuned!for more ok!!!!


PICO said...

OMG i cannot wait to find out what happens at the sleepover.

Jow Lindsay said...

cf. the rainbow party

bread of many said...

grow flimsy - you take my breathing-pants away and replace them with sexually-transmitted -social-disease-pants - Parlor Pants, Lord of Sit-Down-Upons

Jow Lindsay said...

I think we should ban swearing on this blog, at least until the situation is clearer.