Friday, 29 February 2008


Aloha kids,

I've been muy muy busy this week but will get on it now I'm *done* with poesy.


- Buckerton walked the plank at 15:14 yesterday (I gave her 3 grace minutes). I think this is a good thing from everybody's perspective, no more of her passive-aggressive bullshit, her dead weight or oxygen hogging.

- New friends soon! Will have a semi-formal welcome ceremony for all noobs in the next couple of days.

- FACEPLANT VIDEOLINK ACID-TRIP 2008. I will hook this up, send it out, slam. Anyone wishing to participate let me know.

- You are all *FUCKING RICH*. Comrade Dope came over to hang with me and Omen last week, I gave him his salary (see below). You will each receive the same amount shortly, as well as a stash of other use-values.

- When the weather gets a little less rank, I will invite you all down to my place for the FACEPLANT SPRING BBQ 2008, which will happen in my garden. Hog roast, fish fry, ninja salad, drugs, arm wrestling, cigars, etc. It's about time we all meet up in person. Fizzykrill, Isoproprio and Holekey shld maybe do the same somewhere and send a report.

February's been a good month for FACEPLANT, people. Let's keep this shit going.

Oh, and Fizzykill: click off the autoplay on your disgust jukebox, please. It's a good post but there's only so many times I *need* to hear Deicide insult my god in a day. For future reference, everybody, please do not have auto-loading audio (or video, or such). I have never edited any of your posts (despite having full admin power to do so), regard your creative autonomy as sacrosanct, and don't want to have to start vetting you.


Lara Buckerton said...

mike fuck u

If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

How did the reading go? If I'd been less idle I would've come.


yea and I don't know how to turn off autoplay so YOU DO IT. I AM glad you are keeping things sacrosanct, though. I MEAN without the mysterium tremendum fuck knows what would Vib&High 'round heah.

PICO said...

Ah, spring. Friends.

The reading went well Fabian, thankyou for asking. Wilko and Francesca spat some pretty sick shit too, a really good evening.


if you're embedding quicktimee stylee media, this [autoplay="false"] goes inside the embed tag, after the [src="_"] bit. dunno how it works for the player u used tho Rydo...???