Monday, 25 February 2008

Iranian Diplomacy

A letter from Shah Sulayman of Persia to Charles II, 1677-8.

To Him who is High in Majesty, Highly advanced in Dominion, who is the Sanctuary of Splendidness, the Fort of Boldness and valour, Noble in Courage and Justice, arrived to the Height of Great Retinue and Gallantness, who hath Command of the Stately Leaning Cushion of Power Exercising, who leans upon the Couch of Command giving, who is the Reliance of Princes, Master of the Seal of CHRISTIAN RELIGION, the Cream of Potentates, who with the Strength and Power of IESVS is the Advancer of the Crown of Famousness, the Well-becomer of the Throne of Self-pleasing, to the King Mighty in Dignity, and High in Renown.

And now after the performance of what belongs to Sincere Love and Ancient Friendship: and the right placeing of the Signes of Familiarity and just unanimity, our Princely mind is to make known that the Kind Letter which at this time Ye have sent, did arrive in time when the Gates of Self-contenting with the face of Hopes and Security were open. For the raising of the Structure of Amity and Friendship, Ye made a Narrative which was written concerning the Participation of the Customes payed at Hormuz, (a part whereof for those years was to belong to the business of that Dominion and Seate of Splendidness) which in the Mirrour of Considering found the Effigies of obtaining effect. But it cannot remain hidden nor unknown to your Illustrious Mind Leavened with Sincerity, that for the years before our Happy and Benigne Sitting upon the Throne of Principality and the Couch of Justice and Splendidness [. . .] it was confirmed that some legate either great or small should come and be Resident in our Illustrious Court, that the things lay'd up in your Breast and the Defires of your mind might come to be made known: that so our Agents may at last perform them as they are commanded.

PRO, SPO 102. 40. 2 f. 81 (65). Quoted in R. W. Ferrier, ‘The Terms and Conditions under which English Trade was Transacted with Safavid Persia’, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Stdies, University of London 49 (1986), 48-66.

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"who hath Command of the Stately Leaning Cushion of Power Exercising, who leans upon the Couch of Command giving." Wicked. Welcome Truck.