Friday, 15 February 2008


can of ting need for the pillows then lion p'taa do you remember rocky you're looking in my one of the had some toast last night only use multigrain best of possibly the finest chocolate bar luke's suffering from delusion two tickets cheese look what I did steal floss SPESH SPESH JUNIOR SPESH ONE POUND FIFTY PENCE so what for one pound fifty you get gets you the extra mayo so that's how they're making money one pound two pound fifty the ingredients only amount to 77% well what the fuck is the other 23% the plastic cover has to be taxation mate she's not here I'm not liable to grass anyone up should have got the caramel far superior what the fuck do you know that's so cute luke thought twice in the shop pretty frugal that's all I'm saying wasn't the money clear to everyone in the shop me you and that silly bitch ID for you actually cannot I see your visa please I do for you walked out with the beer fuck you bizarre family tree he's actually staying out of the limelight.

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