Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Silk Eudaemonics. Yo.

O you shacker like a tod
kraft slipping into envy out coming
as last faker time, the blunt
at clerical rash swoons to the dessicatory
and it will not last in cash
the dichroic or the less then falter
either the clepsydra is a prod
of recalcitrant duration or a slip
into oral infinity you tell more
in a day O annex and the young
will last to profession the cursory
dried in the sun like wild envy of
customer valency charm in a margarita
in substance that labels its farce as levitational
like a storm clip conversio
reconsider the tendential and all prayer for source/L
the crooked peak of entry in holiness is static
in rubber dimples or finding really demonstrative ports
willful offer in milk torso check what you tried
and later on on empty empty its satchel into a morsel
of unrefined zinc to needles triple zeros ignition
instead of reckless fin du go guys like watersheds
in a fucking camp the ash cream checks temp guarantee
we change dollas
the sediment of equal share if its hand holds the elite
in contortion is odious to cherish the vital
cap on ganglion no matter what you're saying I'm
listening that is connected to a pulse of delimitation
where negatively we ascribe dedicated functions to bite
systematic subrelational lets of linoleum like cloud camo
which will fade. [for TODAY]

2:42 14feb