Monday, 10 March 2008


Jellychildren of Ganesh,

- Apeman, Scott, play nice.

- Welcome wrisusprintu.

- MANY HEAP BIGGEST XIE XIE TO COMRADE CHUANG CHUANG. That was a bug in more than one sphincter. AMRIKI FIZZYFIDDLE, as punishment you will eat two 20oz steaks with your blueberry frappuccino tomorrow morning. Make sure to get blood on someone's loafers.

- Main feature: Ok, the Photoshop Competition is back on. To inspire everyone to maximum productivity I will repost the submissions in thus-far, arbitrarily impose a deadline (vide the end of creativity, the birth of democracy), and fire up the remaining acres of vitreous fluid by promising you all that the winner's submission will have roughly £0.50 creatively spent on its showcase.

Remember how fresh we were in February, before it all became about hate?

In order of submission





The final final deadline might as well be 8 days from now. So, Weds 19th, noon GMT. You obviously don't have to have photoshop to participate. Use paint, excel or cakewalk for all I care. I had expected you all at least to have the initiative to realise that there's NO WAY I CAN TELL HOW YOU DID IT. 3 minutes only tho, stick to that.

- Start thinking about recipes everybody. I mean good ones. I also mean things that you're prepared to eat, in public.

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