Sunday, 16 March 2008



Comrade KESDOM AKINFEMSIP: food/poem
Comrade PICO: guitar/dead aim/sex allure
Comrade NEF: poem/food
Comrade LUKE ROBERTS: harmonica/eel
Comrade JOSH STANLEY: poem
Comrade HARDINGHAM: immediate action

Here is Josh reading:

Here is Kesdom giving it some with the broadbeans (notice eel not yet unsheathed):

Here he is again extracting information from ISLAMOFASCIST SPICE:

Here's me and Luke. Anyone who was there will vividly recall the moment when Comrade Roberts PUT THE EEL (uncooked, semi-defrosted) IN HIS MOUTH. For this, and for generally being a completely awesome guy, we grant him FULL FACEPLANT PROTECTION FOR LIFE. If anyone's giving you any shit, Luke, let us know:

Unfortunately, as Nef was taking the pictures she doesn't appear in any of them. We did, however, take this one in her bunker the following morning:

A sound recording of some of the gig exists, and will be digitized sometime soon. Will put up a link as soon as possible. Many thanks to Jeremy for putting us on and for being the voice of McNab and for getting me and K *paid*. That is all.


If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

What sort of venue has mattresses on the floor, or did you lug that with you?

I await the audio evidence.

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