Thursday, 6 March 2008

Churl Whirls Yelping Whelp

Cute to the power of 100,000 humans!

Sage words on the puppy question:

06llo (5 minutes ago)
that was a pretty decent throw. i mean... puppies are fairly unbalanced creatures, and he managed to get a controlled release, a nice arc, and i'm sure that if he were aiming for say a hoop or something cool like that he would have at least hit the sides. 8/10

danielsuperchef (6 minutes ago)
The puppy could have been an Al Quaeda trained bomber...!? Besides I reckon it bounced by the sound it makes.

gamesking12 (8 minutes ago)
it can be a bomb dumb ass

mungenda (9 minutes ago)
i dont know who the F these people think they are but i am doing everything in my power to make sure they get in trouble...if you think this is fake then u r ignorant. and if the marines are so bored over seas that they need to make pathetic movies like this...then why the hell are we in Iraq?!!!!!!

juggaloco428dechile (11 minutes ago)
Animal cruelty!!! Throw that marine off the cliff!!


Jow Lindsay said...

can you explain it cause I missed it

If (Arch-snob) {Apeman} said...

Oh, they took it down already. Nothing much to explain: sixteen second clip of a US marine throwing a live puppy off a cliff in Iraq. Caused a flurry of comments on YouTube (sample provided).

Not quite sure what my point was posting it here.

Anonymous said...

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